Treatment-Resistant Depression

Depression can swallow you. It’s everywhere. Tainting and draining every experience, I remember.

Treatment-resistant depression is a special type of suffering. You’ve been asking for help, in therapy, taking medications, trying to follow the provider’s instructions and it doesn’t work. You’ve tried three, five medications. There were side effects. Maybe you worked with someone who used multiple medications at the same time and it was hard to know what was doing what. Maybe you spent months patiently waiting but still you were dragging yourself through life. You’ve been clawing and hanging on. So what do you? How long do you have before you give up?

Schedule a consultation and lets get started. We will examine the history, treatments and discuss concrete and specific options. That may include medications, genetic testing, or other modalities. I will put options on the table and we will look at those options and weigh them together. Ultimately, and of course, treatment will be your choice. Let’s talk.